On Wednesday 3rd December 2014, the Posh Futsal 'B' team were beaten 6-5 by Southampton 'D'.

Posh started very slow with Southampton keeping the ball and while Posh were sitting in their shape, Southampton scored a quick goal from passing the ball between Posh and hitting the ball in to the net.

Posh were very slow to react with two goals conceded in quick succession. The second was a decent finish, while for the third goal Posh keeper brought down a player to concede a penatly.

After that a time out was callled a Posh came out with a better reaction getting a goal from long range through Daniel Hardy, which made it 3-1 at half time to the Saints.

Southampton then came out and scored from a long ball which Posh failed to clear. Then Posh reacted with a goal from a poor throw from Southampton keeper to hit Josh Pearce's chest for it to sit nice for Rhys Chambers to put the ball away.

Peterborough then conceded a sloppy goal before Posh got another goal back through Callum Avent, who beat his man before converting. Peterborough then conceded to make it 6-3 before goals from Ethan Stokes and Callum Avent reduced the arrears to 6-5.

The Saints were reduced in number following a sending off in the second period - the third successive fixture where an opposing side failed to keep all their players on the pitch.

Posh B squad: Avent, Rahmen, Hardy, Chambers, Stokes, Pearce.