Former Posh star Dave Farrell reflects on the London Marathon.

Club legend David Farrell today reflected on his latest attempt at the London Marathon, as the former Posh midfielder took to the streets alongside thousands of others to raise money for a great cause.

Farrell, who made 388 appearances for the club, was running for Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall Hospice and after finishing with a time of 04:23:00 last year, he was determined to break the four hour-barrier this time out.

“I was hoping to get under four hours but the way training had gone and different problems here or there, it was a case of just getting round really but then I noticed about halfway through that I was on for the time I wanted and I thought ‘yeah, I’ll keep going and see what happens’.”

The aim of beating last year’s time was put into doubt when Farrell’s training was interrupted by illness but thanks to years of marathon experience and a strict diet, he managed to complete the race with a personal best of 03:59:32.

“I did the Brighton Marathon two weeks ago and was very ill. I probably shouldn’t have run it but I did and tried to recover as much as possible in the short space of time that I had. Coming into it I felt much better and my stomach was ok and it all went well on the day.

"Today (Monday) the legs don’t feel too bad. They’re probably better now than they were before (previous years). I guess that’s from experience and good training.”

Despite the personal best, Farrell is giving nothing away when it comes to talk of next year’s marathon but is open to running again if convinced.

“I’m trying not to make any decisions just yet. Although it was tough to get in under the four (hours), I think with a full 16 week training programme I could probably do it in 3 and a half. I know I’ll get sucked into it at some point so I won’t say it’s my last one for definite.”

So far Farrell has raised over £2,500 for Sue Ryder Hospice and there is still a month remaining for anyone who wishes to make a donation. For more information visit the Virgin Money donation site.