Wednesday's jackpot in the Posh Lotto is huge!

This Wednesday's Posh Lotto jackpot has rolled over with an estimated £10 Million jackpot on offer - a phenomenal amount and it's still only £1.50 to play!

With The Posh Lotto, the club will donate ALL of its proceeds to the Manager's Player Fund - a dedicated, ring-fenced cash reserve that will be put solely towards new signings and player wages. Play your part in strengthening our squad.

Even if you don't win, The Posh will always benefit, so don't lose out and make sure you're part of the £10 million jackpot draw this Wednesday.

The funds generated via The Posh Lotto could play a key role in strengthening the first team squad - play your part and you might even end up becoming a millionaire! Remember, there are prizes for matching just one number or more!

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Your Club. Your Lotto!