Chairman Darragh MacAnthony talks about the 2014/15 season tickets.

It’s never easy informing people, especially loyal supporters, that there are to be price increases, but it is effectively four seasons since the football club last raised its Season Ticket charge, so I will start by explaining the rationale behind this critical decision for this new pricing.

Like every business in these difficult financial times, we are striving to maintain a position that protects the long-term future and sustainability of our football club. As you are aware, my commitment to providing quality young players for the enjoyment of our fans has never wavered and never will it, but added to the overall cost of running a professional football club and its facilities, it is a mightily difficult juggling act at the best of times as we aim to progress both on and off the pitch.

To reach our price point we decided to use the Retail Price Index (RPI) from the last four years and compound it on a yearly basis. RPI is a measure of inflation used by the Office for National Statistics to measure changes in the cost of retail goods and services. The outcome of this analysis was that the increase would be approximately 13%, however, I will cover nearly half of the cost and the actual charge will reflect a 7% change. This means a London Road Adult Season Ticket goes from £275 to £295, an increase of £20 per season in Sale Period 1 and an Adult Stand Ticket goes from £400 to £425, an increase of £25 per season for the same sale period.

I can report that we are introducing two new Concession categories that will see the Junior Under 16 price class change to Under 18 to reflect current educational plans and an 18-21 year old price class has been introduced, which replaces the student rate.

I hope you are taking the opportunity to enjoy a day out at Wembley with our team and the chance to bring home that giant trophy, it really is a beast!

Thank you for your pride, passion and loyalty.


Darragh MacAnthony
Your Chairman

For 2014/15 season ticket prices and information, click here. Current season ticket holders should receive their renewal packs at the beginning of next week.