The Posh under 18s were given a guided tour of the Royal Marines Commando Centre in Devon.

The Peterborough United under 18s concluded their short stay in the West Country by visiting the Royal Marines Commando Centre where they were given a guided tour and the opportunity to watch some of the new recruits being put through their paces.

Academy Manager Dave Robertson, who is a former Royal Marines Commando, took the squad to the centre before the long trip back to Peterborough and the players' certainly took a lot from the experience with goalkeeper Dion Henry describing the recruits as 'incredible athletes'.

'I never thought the training would be that tough, it was a real eye opener. We find our training tough, but it is nothing in comparison to what they are put through. We watched the recruits being put through their paces and were shown the assault course and it is just incredible.

'I would love to try something like that myself. Back in Ipswich where I live, I actually applied to the Territorial Army. It is something that I have always wanted to do. My Grandad and other family members have all been in the Army.

'It is something that is an option for me if football doesn't go the way I want it to. Seeing what I saw today hasn't put me off, but it does hit home just how intense the training is and also how incredible those people really are,' Henry said.