The football club's response to the Safe Standing Accomodation Consultation Document.

Following a lively debate at the Football League AGM in June of last year, the Board were commissioned by an overwhelming majority of the member clubs to undertake an investigation as follows:

“Clubs would like the Board of The Football League to review the issue of rail seating and standing in the Championship, find out what progress can be made and the options available. Undertake further evaluation and come back to a quarterly club meeting on how this could be achieved”

Peterborough United with the FSF and other Football League and Premiership clubs have been at the forefront of challenging the existing criteria and requesting a trial period to observe Rail seating in situé in this country.

The consultation document has now been released to the FL Clubs and concludes with a questionnaire as follows:

Question 1.
Should The Football League approach the Minister for Sport to request that the ‘all-seater’ stadia requirement for Championship clubs be reviewed with a view to the re-introduction of standing accommodation?

Question 2.
Should The Football League approach the Sports Ground Safety Authority to request that Rail Seating products be licensed in Football League grounds?

Question 3.
Should clubs be permitted to accommodate supporters standing in Rail seating in The Football League Championship?

Question 4.
Should clubs be permitted to revert from seating to standing accommodation in League 1 and 2 following relegation from The Football League Championship?

The PUFC answer to all these questions has been a positive Yes.

Chief Executive Bob Symns said: “The interest by our football club in supporting the FSF initiative has been underpinned by our belief in improved safety, our consideration for our and visiting supporters, and our respect for the families and loved ones who suffered the devastating losses of the Hillsborough Disaster”.

“In the years we have supported the campaign we have been to Parliament, consulted with ACPO, SGSA, FSOA and Dr Steve Frosdick (world renowned independent Safety Expert), travelled to Germany to experience Rail Seating first hand and spoken on the subject at St Georges Park”.

“If the passion of our supporters and football clubs is carried forward by our negotiators, then we would hope that we could soon be witnessing the dawn of new and improved facilities for our fans and their families”.