Chairman Darragh MacAnthony tweets...

Following our recent form and last night’s embarrassment whereby we let you down again, the flak is non-stop from all angles and deservedly so considering these results.

So what I can do, is do my best to support a management team who have worked with my club for many years and brought it all its success in the period I have owned it.

The players don’t need me or you to tell them how poor it’s been - they set their own standards and have fallen way below them as we all know.

What I/we can do now is focus and support the staff and players in working hard to rediscover their form/confidence to get the season back up and running. I will do my part by working hard in bringing some freshness to the squad and one hopes we see the hard work and perseverance pay off in the two home games we have coming up.

Nobody ever said owning, supporting or playing for a football club is a walk in the park – it’s full of highs and lows. So it’s now up to all of us at the football club to give our fans the highs they want as quickly as possible and deal with the adversity as best we can whilst doing so.

I thank the Posh fans who continue to come and support us no matter what the result and I have no doubt the players look forward to hearing you this Saturday!

Darragh MacAnthony (@DMAC102)