We bring you the Great Posh Bake Off featuring four Peterborough United players like you have never seen them before.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take four footballers from the relative comfort of the training pitch and drop them into a kitchen environment and without any prior warning, tell them to create a cake for three knowledgeable judges?

For Bobby Olejnik, Joe Day, Craig Alcock and Mark Little, that is exactly what happened. The Peterborough United foursome were selected as this year’s entrants for the Great Posh Bake Off, an inaugural competition to find out who has the creative flair to produce the best cake and win over Chief Executive and experienced baker Bob Symns, Peterborough Regional College lecturer Steve Parr and Football League representative and cake eating extraordinaire Jackie Bass.

The football club have been working closely with Peterborough Regional College’s Media and Journalism Centre, in Broadway, and together came up with the idea to produce our own version of the hit BBC show.
Posh press officer Phil Adlam said: “Following the popularity of the Great British Bake Off, we wanted to come up with our own version and after visiting the Journalism centre we quickly realised we could enlist the help of the students in creating our vision.

“The students worked extremely hard alongside the lecturers to help produce the video and we hope to work together on future projects as part of the student’s curriculum. The players’ were fantastic on the day, both with their patience and what they produced and it was an extremely close contest to determine the winner.”

 Nicola Martin, Sector Manager for Arts and Media at the College, said: “We’re delighted with the success of this project. It has been excellent for the students to be a part of and they have performed extremely well throughout its duration.

“Being able to help them learn through real-life scenarios and situations is a key part of our ethos at the Media and Journalism Centre and we’re already looking forward to future partnership work with the football club.”

As well as producing the video for the show, the College’s catering students were also involved in the baking process.

To find out who was the winner click here.