Posh team up with Charles & Dean to provide car finance.

Peterborough United have this season teamed up with Charles & Dean who are an independent finance broker providing finance options which will guarantee to save you money when purchasing your next car.

On average, Charles & Dean can save you £1,807 – that’s the price of five Peterborough United adult season tickets (plus a little left over for a pies and pints).

When financing your car with Charles & Dean you will receive:
•    Two FREE tickets to see Peterborough United
•    A FREE tank of fuel
•    £100 gifted to the Posh on his or her behalf (to be used for the manager transfer kitty!)

Follow Charles & Dean on Facebook to be in for the chance to win the new POSH kit and football signed by the team. Click here.

Most people spend ages researching the purchase of their new (or used) car, but not many explore the financing options. Car salesman love customers who walk into the dealership knowing which car they want, but are ‘open to suggestions’ when the question of finance comes up. The finance packages available at dealerships generally entail high rates in order to boost commission.

Most people are keen to get hold of the keys to their new car, therefore signing up to an extortionate finance package. Charles & Dean promise to beat the quote given by your local dealership, saving you money that can be spent on life’s pleasures or saved for a rainy day.

Finance your car the Posh way, and get in touch today. Just pick up the phone 01780 763836 or email info@charlesanddean.com.

For impartial advice on securing the best deal, call 01780 763836 or email info@charlesanddean.com us today.