Support the Manager's Player Fund and make sure you’re in with a chance to win huge cash prizes.

Playing Posh Lotto is a great way to get behind your club, support the Manager's Player Fund and make sure you’re in with a chance to win huge cash prizes. How does this exciting new initiative work, and how can Posh Lotto offer these spectacular jackpots?

Our simple five-step beginners’ guide explains the process.

1. Playing The Posh Lotto is as simple as visiting registering your details, choosing your lucky numbers and telling us how long you’d like to play for.

Unlike traditional lotteries, however, when you play Posh Lotto you are actually placing a lotto bet. This means that you are trying to match your numbers with those drawn in the ‘6/49’ lottery on which the game is based. The draws take place every Wednesday at around 6pm and every Saturday between 7pm and 10pm.

2. Each lotto bet, which enters one line of your numbers into the game, is priced at £1.50. You can place as many bets against each lotto draw as you like, either choosing your own lucky numbers or opting for a lucky dip.

3. From each lotto bet placed, 26% of the revenue goes to the managers player fund a dedicated, ring-fenced cash reserve that will be put towards new signings, player wages and nothing else. All proceeds that the club receives are donated directly to this.

4. In addition to placing a standard lotto bet, you can also opt in to the Supporters’ Syndicate, which is a great way to give yourself multiple chances to win. Each syndicate contains 100 lotto lines, giving each member an amazing 100 chances to win their share of the Posh lotto jackpot.

5. If you win a prize we’ll let you know either by email or text message. Cash prizes are awarded by matching three numbers or more, with other prizes on offer for matching just the Legend.

The Posh Lotto is powered by Lotto Network, which funds and pays all prizes in full – meaning that the club needn’t worry about a thing. This means that club will only ever benefit from the Posh Lotto – a real win-win situation for supporters!

By pooling players from its various B2B and B2C partners, Lotto Network is able to ensure that its average estimated jackpots are significantly higher than other UK-based offerings, including The National Lottery’s Lotto. This means that you can expect average jackpots of over £7.5m! The largest single jackpot paid out by Lotto Network to date is a staggering €31.7m (£27.1m).

Play for huge jackpots today by visiting