A total of 18 cyclists set off for Brussells to raise money for The Free Kicks Foundation.

London Road was a busy place at 9am on Tuesday morning as 18 cyclists departed the stadium, bound for Brussels in Belgium to raise money for The Free Kicks Foundation.

The group will travel over 300 miles to their destination and Steve Thorpe from the Free Kicks Foundation was at London Road to wish them well.

'I am very proud of them. It is extraordinary the length people will go to in order to help us out. Last year, a group of riders traveled to Paris and departed in the pouring rain and they were at London Road on Tuesday morning in similar conditions.

'They have already raised over £10,000 before even departing and they raised just over £11,000 in total last year, so hopefully they will have a good time, arrive safe and enjoy themselves. It is a monumental effort and we are extremely thankful to them all.

'For us as a charity, it means we can do more and more and help more kids across the country. It costs a lot of money to give the kids hospitality and we really want to help as many deserving kids as we can,' Thorpe said.

Fans can keep up to date on the progress of the 18 on Twitter by following @posh2brussels while @FreeKicks will also be keeping everybody up to date.