Grant McCann and Mark Little will be offered new deals at the club.

Peterborough United boss Darren Ferguson has confirmed that defender Mark Little and midfielder Grant McCann will be offered new deals at the football club.

The Posh boss has also confirmed that Nicky Ajose, Emile Sinclair, Daniel Kearns and Tyrone Barnett are available for transfer with their names circulated around the clubs.

Ferguson, who met every player at London Road on Friday, said: 'The nucleus of the squad will not change. Of course, I am sure there will be offers for players. Grant McCann and Mark Little will be offered contracts. They will be given a certain time to think about that offer and make a decision.

'There are certain players that will have to go because we have to balance it off, but we will dust ourselves down, and go again. As a club we take a lot of credit on and off the field. We run the business side very well. I imagine there will be interest in some players, if bids come in, we will talk about it.

'Tommy Rowe only has a year left, so he is slightly different to some of the other players in the squad. Tommy and I have had a good chat and there won't ever be a problem between the club and Tommy so we will have to wait and see on that one.

'This will be a short term fix. We will spend nine months in League One. There is no doubt in mind. I am not being arrogant, we will get out of the league.

'I have had so many letters into me, it has been remarkable. The fans need to be picked up and I am telling you now, we will get out of League One. I would not want to be playing us on the first day of the League One season. There will be so much anger and frustration coming out,' Ferguson said.