During the half-time interval, five mascots will compete in a special challenge.

During the half-time interval on Saturday, five mascots from across the city will compete in a special 'Mascot Challenge', which will include a sprint across the pitch and the 'throw-in challenge'.

The event, which has been arranged by one of our chosen charities for the year, the Wildlife Trust, will require supporter participation so here is a brief introduction on each competitor.

1) We have the Wildlife Trust Badger –
badgers are very shy creatures, not normally seen at this time of day, they prefer the cover of darkness where they can get up to all sorts of mischief, but this one’s been persuaded to come out of hiding to take part – and he’s all sett for action . . .

2) Next up is Peter Burrow –
this favourite Posh boy needs no introduction: this bold buck rabbit has been round the block here a few times and is super confident of scoring a victory on his home patch, he reckons these other mascots are no competition for him and he’ll be the clear winner

3) The Fen Fox
 - a sly and wily character – this nimble competitor has slipped in from the nearby Fens – and could stand a good outside chance of stealing victory. Expert at running and jumping, this one could employ devious tactics in order to win – worth a bet as a fancied outsider

4) Wolfie Wolf
 - as we all know, wolves have very big and dangerous jaws, not to mention prominent claws - all the better to snatch victory with; this big grey beast is capable of much huffing and puffing on occasion, and could well cause havoc

5) And last up is Hungry Harry
Known for his very large appetite, this lean, mean waste disposal machine could eat all of them for tea – with a cavernous stomach and appetite to match Harry has disastrous  manners and has been known to belch/burp loudly and frequently in public

The Wildlife Trust will be collecting inside and outside of the stadium on Saturday so please give generously.