Chance to win five of the best selling football books this week.

Peterborough United have teamed up with leading independent sports publisher Pitch Publishing to offer Posh fans FIVE chances to win some of 2012's bestselling football books during this week.

From Monday to Friday we are giving away a book per day on our facebook page with the chance to win one of the following five titles: Moving the Goalposts, Picking Up the Threads, The Rivals Game, The Book of Football Obituaries and Got, Not Got.

All fans have to do is LIKE the status to be in with a chance of winning. A winner will be picked at random and announced at 5pm each day.

Today, supporters have the chance to win a copy of Moving The Goalposts by Rob Jovanovic. Visit our facebook page.

MOVING THE GOALPOSTS: Why Maradona Was Really Useless... How to Win a Penalty Shoot-Out...and 65 More Astonishing Statistical Football Revelations
Rich in footballing anecdotes and hard science, Moving the Goalposts offers an astonishing statistics-based rethink of the game by revolutionary football historian Rob Jovanovic. The exacting, objective analysis commonly used in coaching is extended to focus on football history – uncovering unexpected truths and exploding myths along the way.

A celebration of the lives of 446 remarkable characters who have loomed large in the collective consciousness of countless football fans. Collected together in this life-affirming commemoration of achievement are players who have touched, entertained, outraged or inspired us; maybe even earned that special love we reserve for our sporting heroes.

GOT, NOT GOT– The A-Z Of Lost Football Culture, Treasures & Pleasures
Runner-up in the BSBA Football Book of the Year Awards for 2012, Got, Not Got focuses on British football’s apparent lost Utopia of the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s – the ‘Golden Age’ of mudbaths and cloggers, of miniature, carpet-level games and imaginary, comic-fuelled worlds. Packed with beautiful images and fan memories of lost football culture.

PICKING UP THE THREADS: The Colours of World Football
In Picking Up The Threads, John Chandler has assembled an eye-opening, well researched yet agreeably light-hearted look at the weird and wonderful stories behind the history of 150 teams’ football strips, and how clubs came to choose their characteristic kit. The whys and wherefores will provide any kit aficionado with near endless pub quiz ammo!

THE RIVALS GAME: Inside the British Football Derby
Why do football fans decide to support one club over another in cities where intense, deep-seated rivalries exist? What makes them choose: family ties, geography, politics or religion? Beattie spent two years investigating violence, feuding, social unrest and bigotry at matches that are passionate, divisive and vitally important to entire cities.