The football club have confirmed the two charities we will work with during the 2012-2013 campaign.

We are pleased to officially announce that the two charities the football club have chosen to work exclusively with this season are PROSTATE CANCER UK and THE WILDLIFE TRUSTS.  

The club are pleased to be supporting these organisations and here is a short insight to the work they undertake. 

The Prostate Cancer UK charity was founded in 1996 in response to the urgent need to invest in prostate cancer research and to raise public and political awareness of a long neglected disease. They were established with the broad remit of improving the care and welfare of those affected by the cancer and is the UK’s leading voluntary organisation working with over 40,000 men who are diagnosed every year and the 250,000 men who are currently living with the disease.

Last year £1.8 million pounds was invested in 14 new research projects. £261,000 was invested into survivorship research to help patients cope with the side effects of hormone therapy, 10 projects were started to investigate new ways to treat prostate cancer or ways to improve current treatments and 3 projects were instigated to look at improving the diagnosis of the cancer.

THE Wildlife TRUSTS are an organisation who manage and look after 128 nature reserves for wildlife, including ancient woodlands, flower meadows and wetlands and more than 95% of people living in the local counties are less than five miles away from a Wildlife Trust nature reserve.

The TRUSTS provide opportunities for thousands of people to enjoy and connect with wildlife every year; this includes running family events, workshops, schools programmes and activities for volunteers across the region. There are 14 active local groups of dedicated volunteers focused on their local areas operating across the counties and 24 Wildlife Watch groups for children aged 8-12 years old. 

We are also supporting the Football League charity initiatives Help for Hero’s, Help for Hospices and Marie Curie Cancer Care.