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Rewarding loyal Posh fans!

In 2013 we introduced a loyalty scheme for Season Ticket Holders and members of foreverposh and Junior Posh. We also introduced a FREE membership scheme (Posh We Are) which also allows fans to earn club cash. The Posh 12s membership which gives you discount on match tickets is also part of this scheme. 

The information below will help you understand how the loyalty scheme works but if you are still unsure, please contact the Ticket Office on 01733 865674, email or fill out the feedback form at the bottom of the page.

By registering for a Season Ticket, foreverposh, Junior Posh, Flexi Ticket or Posh We Are Membership, you are deemed to have accepted and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions of use. Use of a smartcard to gain entry into the stadium is subject to the Club’s ground regulations, which are displayed at turnstiles or can be viewed online at By using a smartcard to enter the stadium you are deemed to have accepted and agreed to be bound by the Club’s ground regulations. Use of the smartcard when making purchases is subject to the terms and conditions of purchase applicable to that item, which can be requested prior to completing the purchase.

Upon becoming a loyalty scheme member, smartcards will automatically be preloaded with loyalty club cash on 1st June (or day after season ticket/membership purchase if renewed after 1st June);

Season Ticket Holders
1% of purchase price
(e.g. £400 season ticket = £4.00 club cash)

25% of membership price
(e.g. £10 membership fee = £2.50 club cash)

Junior Posh
25% of membership price
(e.g. £10 membership fee = £2.50 club cash)

Posh We Are
Not applicable (free membership)

To earn club cash you must present your season/membership card at the beginning of a transaction. If you make purchases online or over the telephone you must quote your Fan ID in order to earn club cash. Your club cash shall be awarded to your card by way of percentage calculation.

Season Ticket Holders
10% earned on merchandise (e.g. £50 spend = £5.00 club cash)
5% earned on home match tickets (e.g. £50 spend = £2.50 club cash)
1% earned on away match tickets (e.g. £50 spend = £0.50 club cash)

foreverposh & Junior Posh
5% earned on merchandise (e.g. £50 spend = £2.50 club cash)
1% earned on match tickets (e.g. £50 spend = £0.50 club cash)
1% earned on coach tickets (e.g. £50 spend = £0.50 club cash)
£5 club cash bonus on 15 or more coach travel tickets bought in a season

Flexi Ticket & Posh We Are
5% earned on merchandise (e.g. £50 spend = £2.50 club cash)
1% earned on match tickets (e.g. £50 spend = £0.50 club cash)

Club cash can only be redeemed in £5 increments at the Ticket Office or Club Shop. Club cash can be redeemed via our online shop at but cannot be redeemed via our online ticketing or via the Ticketmaster hotline at present. In order to spend accrued club cash, you are required to show your smartcard, or quote your Fan ID.

• The minimum amount of club cash you can spend is £5.
• Club cash cannot be spent against the value of any cup game or any away game ticket.
• Club cash cannot be spent against the value of a membership fee.
• Club cash cannot be combined with multiple memberships to be used in one transaction.

The club runs a ticket priority points system for high ticket demand matches. The following points are allocated on the purchase of the relevant product.

Season Ticket - 230 points

foreverposh - 10 bonus points
Junior Posh - 10 bonus points

Home league match ticket - 10 points
Away league match ticket – 10 points
Home and away cup match tickets – 10 points
Home pre-season friendly match ticket – 5 points

If there is a game where the points system is required, the club will announce the necessary details on the club’s official website There may be times when a supporter has the correct of points to apply for tickets on a specific day but they still may be unsuccessful.

Points will automatically be awarded when you purchase a ticket quoting your Fan ID. This could be a purchase at the ticket office, over the telephone or by our online ticketing website. Points will not be awarded for tickets purchased at the Weston Homes London Road Terrace cash turnstiles or when paying on the day at any away venue. Points can only be awarded once, so if you are making purchases for other supporters please ensure you quote their details in order for them to be awarded their points.

For full details on the ticket priority scheme, click here.

Season ticket holders/members who do not renew, will stop earning points for transactions after 1st June, but are able to redeem up until 31st July.

Those who renew/buy a season ticket or membership prior to 31st May, will receive their start up balance on 1st June.

Those who renew/buy a season ticket or membership after 1st June, receive start up balance and start earning points the day after the purchase date.

Non-renewers have until 31st July to spend their remaining balances. Alternatively, sign-up to “Posh We Are” membership (it's free) to keep your points balance and carry on earning points.

• All members will be rewarded with club cash when purchasing home, away or cup match tickets. The club cash will then be held ‘on account’ until such time as the member wishes to spend their club cash or their membership is terminated.
• Any subsequent refund of tickets will result in any club cash originally used as payment for that ticket being reinstated. For the avoidance of doubt, refunds in actual currency will not be given for any proportion of tickets purchased using club cash.
• Any proportion of a merchandise item or ticket purchased using club cash will not earn further club cash. For example a £25 spend in the club shop that was paid for using £10 club cash and £15 on a credit card may entitle the member to £1.50 club cash for the credit card payment element.
• Club cash is not earned on any booking fee or delivery charge element of any purchase.
• Club cash is not available for redemption immediately: Club cash awarded from ticket
purchases shall be redeemable one day after the match bought for has been played. Club cash awarded from merchandise purchases shall be redeemable after 28 days (due to 28 day refund policy).
• Members can find out their club cash balance and statement at any time by visiting or asking staff at the Ticket Office or Club Shop.

1. The loyalty scheme for Season Ticket Holders, foreverposh, Flexi Ticket and Posh We Are members is valid for persons of any age. Junior Posh memberships are available for under 16s only.
2. Membership fees vary - please refer to the appropriate membership information or visit
3. Memberships commence once the membership fee has been paid and received by the Club in cleared funds. Therefore, if paying by cheque, once the cheque has cleared. 4. foreverposh, Junior Posh and Flexi Ticket memberships run on a season basis and expire on 31st May.
5. Memberships and club cash are non-transferable and can only be used by the named individual as shown on the front of the card.
6. If a member changes their postal address or email address registered with their membership, they must notify the Club’s Ticket Office in writing of the change, via by logging into their account or email the Club at as soon as reasonably practicable.
7. If a membership is cancelled, subject to their statutory rights, their membership fee will not be refunded (where applicable). All unused credit on the card will be invalidated from the date of cancellation and their smartcard/membership deactivated.
8. Lost, stolen, misplaced or damaged smartcards should be reported to the Club’s Ticket Office immediately. The Club shall then de-register the lost, stolen, misplaced or damaged smartcard and, if requested by the member and subject to condition 9 and 10, re-issue the member with a replacement card.
9. The Club is not liable, at any point, for any Loyalty Club cash which are fraudulently redeemed between the card being stolen or lost and then subsequently reported to the Ticket Office as being stolen or lost.
10. Replacement of a lost, stolen, misplaced or damaged smartcard will incur a replacement fee (see ticket office for fees) which is strictly non-refundable and the replacement card will only be issued in the name of the original member (Photo ID required).
11. The Club reserves the right to run membership joining incentive schemes from time to time without liability to existing members.
12. The Club reserves the right to change or amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice and at our discretion.
13. Club cash will not expire and will be carried forward from season to season if membership is renewed. Club cash will be valid until 31st July (after membership expires) for memberships that are not renewed.
14. At no time can club cash be exchanged for actual currency.
15. The Club reserves the right to correct errors made in monthly statements or by its members of staff when informing a member of the value of their accrued and available club cash. The Club shall not, in any circumstances, be liable to the member or any third party for any losses caused by any such errors.