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Job Vacancies

Job Vacancies | NCS Positions Available

19 February 2018

There are a number of job vacancies within the NCS department that need to be filled!

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NCS Autumn Students Graduate

20 November 2017

Following on from the conclusion of the NCS Autumn 2017 programme, first team players Junior Morias, Liam Sheppard, and Gwion Edwards attended the Graduation evening to hand out certificates to the...

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NCS Summer Students Graduate

1 August 2017

Following on from the conclusion of the NCS Wave 1 programme this week, first team player Callum Chettle attended the Graduation evening to hand out certificates to the 15-17 year olds taking part.

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NCS Programme Helps Graduate Land Dream Job

16 February 2017

NCS Programme Helps Graduate Land Dream Job.

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About NCS

NCS is a government funded programme aimed at 15-17 year olds. The aim of the programme is to bring young people together from various different backgrounds and offer them new opportunities as they take on new challenges, new skills and engage with new people. Enabling these young people to discover new talents and uncover their potential while having fun and enjoying themselves- the scheme has proved to be a resounding success.

The programme runs over a 4 week period in the Summer holidays which consists of two residential weeks Monday – Friday and two weeks 9-4pm in and around the local community. The idea is for young people to gain confidence and independence as they learn to communicate with local organisations along side creating, planning and delivering a social action project in a group of 15. Social action projects in the past have seen young people raise hundreds of pounds for charity as well as volunteer their own time to make a difference in their community.

The government pay roughly £1500 for each individual young person to take part in NCS, but the most you will ever have to pay is £50. This covers all food, transport and accommodation for the two residential weeks. If you receive government support or free school meals then the cost of the programme can be completely free.

To get involved or to find out more about our NCS Programme, please email


Quotes from Graduates of the NCS programme – Summer 2017

"My first week taught me to become more hard-working. My second week taught me independence and life skills such as budgeting and CV writing."

"The course allowed me to develop in character by exposing me to situations that I wouldn't usually want to be in e.g. surrounding me with people I don't know and forming relationships. It also allowed me to do something beneficial for the community, which was very rewarding and will look great on my CV."

"Making new friends and life skills, i wouldn't change anything as it was perfect."

"It was a genuinely great adventure I had lots of fun made new friends and learnt a lot too and I wouldn't really change anything."

"It'd an amazing experience to communication and build up a team. The atmosphere was always welcoming and everyone's voices were heard. It also felt amazing to do something meaningful to the community!"

"NCS is a great experience to make friends and communicate with the people you don't know. However, NCS has boosted my confidence to take challenges in my life."

"I gave you a high score because of the fantastic time I had, meeting new friends and growing strong bonds with them and our team leaders and instructors. I grew a really strong bond with everyone and I'm really glad I chose to come onto this course!!!! Thank you"

"Honestly the best thing I've ever done and the leaders are fantastic!!"

Quotes from Parent/Guardians of the NCS programme – Summer 2017

"NCS is a fantastic opportunity for young people. The experiences, confidence, friendships, independence and memories they come away with is priceless. And raising money for charity is wonderful as it taught them about the less fortunate or vulnerable people, having them help and give back to their community is a great idea. Very rewarding and enlightening for them all. NCS really is a fantastic scheme."

"It's fantastic from both a student perspective as well as parents. The course & staff brought my son out of his shell & gave him the confidence he so desperately needed."

"It was a wonderful experience for my daughter. It pushed her to do things she would not normally do, increasing her confidence."

"What a wonder experience my son had. Would highly recommend it."