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Transport Policy

As a primary source of transport Peterborough United use Club minibuses for the transport of Players and Staff, these vehicles are serviced regularly to ensure that they meet the road safety standards as the safety of our players is of paramount to the Club.

When it is not possible to use Club minibuses or extra room is required cars may be used to transport players. Where a member of staff is present in the car, they will hold a full FA DBS and UK driving licence with business insurance.

At Peterborough United we ensure that on these occasions there will be more than one member of staff present to ensure the welfare of the young person is not compromised. The club minibuses will be used as the main source of transport for Professional Development Phase players. Players in the Full Time Training Model (FTTM) in the Youth Development Phase (Under 13 – Under 16) will be met every morning, if required, by the club mini bus at Peterborough Train Station every morning. The players will be transported to the Training Ground. At the end of the day, the club mini bus will return the players to the Train Station. The duty of care for Peterborough United starts and ends at Peterborough Train Station. Should a player be running late, they are to let the Youth Development Phase Lead Coach and the school know as soon as possible. In the event that the club mini bus is unavailable. Transport will be provided by a subcontracted taxi company. All Foundation Phase and Youth Development Phase players are required to make their own way to training and games. In unusual event that Foundation Phase players would need club transport, the above will apply.

All members of staff that drive company vehicles are required to present the appropriate Club personnel with the relevant driving documents and complete the driver registration pack. These documents will be held electronically in a secure file and only members of staff who have completed the relevant steps will be permitted to drive company vehicles.

All parents/guardians of players in the Academy are made aware of the Peterborough United transport policy and the relevant steps that are taken to ensure the safety of the players when travelling in Club vehicles.

Parents/guardians are also made aware that it is their responsibility to ensure that if players are using other modes of transport i.e public transport that it is their responsibility to ensure the safety of the player.

All parents/guardians are required to complete and sign the transport agreement that is in place with Peterborough United to show that they have read, understand and agree the transport procedures put in place by Peterborough United Football Club.

Within the Peterborough United Club transport policy, drivers are made aware that in the event of road traffic incident that causes damage or injury to another person, vehicle, animal or property they must give both their own and the vehicle owns name and address, along with registration number of the vehicle, to any having reasonable grounds for requiring them. Also in the event of an accident, insurance details are to be provided if required by others involved in the incident, in the event that damage is caused by another motorist to a Peterborough United Club vehicle or injury is sustain by Club staff/players travelling in these vehicles insurance details must be gathered from the other party involved in the incident.

In the event that details are not provided at the scene of the incident it is required that the accident is reported to the Police as soon as possible or at least within 24 hours. All individuals driving on Peterborough United Football Club business in club vehicles or independent transport must not under any circumstance use hand held mobile phones or any other electronic equipment whilst driving or under the influence of drug or alcohol substance In the event that an individual is prosecuted for such offence Peterborough United will implement the relevant disciplinary actions.

In the event that an individual is prosecuted for such offence Peterborough United will implement the relevant disciplinary actions.

Written by Kayleigh Stent – Academy Safeguarding/Player Care Manager
Authorised and signed off by Liz Elsom – Club Welfare Officer