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Missing Persons

MISSING PERSONS – Monday to Sunday

At Peterborough United Football Club we follow the outlined missing person’s procedure:
● Ensure the safety and supervision of the rest of the group
● Re take the register
● Inform the police
● Contact their parent / guardian if necessary
● Inform a member of the Safeguarding Team
● Ensuring the safety of the rest of the group, do a controlled local search
● Remain calm
● Record the incident in an email and submit to a member of the Safeguarding team

First Team Match Days
At Peterborough United we have a fixed safety team who oversee all first team match days to ensure the safety of all children and vulnerable adults while at our stadium. When a child or vulnerable person is found not to be at the point that they should be the PUFC
protocol is as follows:
● Notify a steward.
● Steward to notify their stand supervisor.
● Supervisor to complete ‘missing person’s questionnaire’
● Supervisors to pass through all information to Safety 1 who is based within the control room.
● Safety 1 will notify the match day safeguarding officer who will proceed to the control to work alongside Safety 1.
● Based on the information gathered safety 1 will action the match day ‘missing persons’ contingency plan. (this can be seen upon request)

Late collection of a child/ children – Monday to Sunday

If an authorised person does not collect a child/ children, our aim is to resolve the situation causing as little distress to the child/ children as possible.

We keep all the names and telephone numbers of the adults who are authorised to collect the child from any Peterborough United activity. If we are informed you are late then two members of staff will remain with your child/children. We would also hold any information about any person who has been denied legal access to the child/children, this will be communicated out to staff accordingly in writing.

If there is a change to the proceedings of the collection of a child/ children we ask parents to notify us immediately.

What will happen if the Club are unable to contact someone to collect the child?
If the procedure fails to locate an authorised adult to collect the child / children and they have not been collected with 1 hour of the Peterborough United activity finishing the senior member of staff onsite will contact one of the safeguarding team, who will attend site and contact social services. Two members of staff will then accompany the child / children there. Social service will then take over from
the Football Club. Under no circumstances will staff of looking for the authorised adult or take the child home. A full report of the incident will be written up and issued Safeguarding Team, who will place it on the child’s/ children’s file.

First Team Match Day
It is a Peterborough United Football Club advice that no persons under the age of 16 can attend a Football Match without the attendance of a responsible adult. In the event that a child under the age of 18 or a vulnerable person is not collected after a match the
following procedure should be carried out:
● A member of staff or stewarding team to notify safety 1.
● Safety 1 will notify the police and the match day safeguarding officer.
● The match day safeguarding officer will remain with the child or vulnerable person in main reception until the police arrive for a hand over. A contingency plan can be seen upon request.

Written by Kayleigh Stent – Academy Safeguarding/Player Care Manager
Authorised and signed off by Liz Elsom – Club Welfare Officer