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Accommodation Policy

Where players require Club provided accommodation, the following steps are made to recruit
accommodation providers to look after the player for the duration stipulate on an individual basis:

1. Adverts on the club website and on social media.
2. Telephone calls and email exchange between interested parties.
3. Meeting/House visit of potential accommodation provider and the Safeguarding Officer and
Youth Team Manager.
4. An FA CRC, personal details form, provider application form is required before an agreement
is signed.
5. A copy of Gas safety certificate is given to PUFC
6. An individual property risk assessment is done on the accommodation
7. An individual property fire risk assessment is done on the accommodation
8. Accommodation providers are issued with a copy of the player handbook outlining club
guidance on rules plus nutrition guidance.

Successful accommodation providers will have monthly phone calls or site visits from the
Safeguarding Officer and the Youth Team Manager and random sport checks throughout the season.
Players in Club provide accommodation must:

Players must not allow anyone else onto the premises without the permission of the accommodation
provider, including other scholars.

Players are not permitted to spend the night at any other premises without the permission of the
Academy Manager, Youth Team Manager or the Player Care Manager.

Keep bedrooms’ tidy, please keep clothes hung up or in drawers.

Always be mindful of security at your accommodation, close windows and doors at the appropriate

Players are responsible for washing their own training kit, in line with accommodation provider’s

Players are expected to clean any facility that they have used, to a reasonable standard, if necessary.
If provisions run low, (e.g milk) please let accommodation providers know in a polite and courteous

The house phone is out of bounds unless for emergencies.

Players are to tidy up all food areas after eating at all times OR as requested by the accommodation

Accommodation providers will be asked to notify the club if players are eating or storing inappropriate

All players in club provided accommodation will have regular spot checks throughout the season.
Accommodation providers will be expected to notify the club of any problems or concerns.
PUFC do not place players in accommodation under the age of 16 years old.

Written by Kayleigh Stent – Academy Safeguarding/Player Care Manager
Authorised and signed off by Liz Elsom – Club Welfare Officer