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Gill Wignall
Gill has worked for the Foundation on a part time voluntary basis since 2012 but became the full time Operations Manager in January 2017. Gill manages the daily finances for the Foundation and manages the administration and organisation of the Foundations day to day operations and its staff, including HR. Gill has helped to put in place oversee a robust set of policies and procedures for the Foundation and has helped oversee the expansion in terms of staffing levels and the number of projects offered. Gill worked for Ernst and Young for many years up until the birth of her second daughter.

Michael Johnson
Michael JohnsonMichael Johnson has been coaching with our department for 8 years and at the club since 2008, his role started by being signed from Norwich City at u15s, which lead into his coaching role as an apprentice. Since then, we have seen Michael lead our post 16 Sport Scholarship programme. This education programme started as Futsal only and has grown into both Futsal and Football since 2018. Michael completed his UEFA B Futsal qualification in 2018. His role now is Sport Scholarship manager and Player Development Centre Manager.

Jenna Lusk
Jenna LuskJenna Lusk has been coaching for 12 years and has coached for community schemes, development/elite centres, on the FA girl’s talent pathway and also coached in America. In 2017 completed the UEFA B Licence in Football and completed the UEFA B Futsal in 2018. She is the NCS/Women & Girls Manager.

Gavin Slater

Gavin Slater has been coaching for the Foundation for 10 years, starting part-time before achieving a full-time position in January 2014. He has mainly coached in the development centres and on the primary school’s programme. Gavin is currently the Participation Manager looking after the primary schools, school holiday courses and disability programmes.

Tom Skeath
Tom Skeath is a UEFA B Licence coach who has been working for Peterborough United for the past four years delivering development centres, P.E. and afterschool clubs. In 2018, Tom joined the Sports Scholarship programme where he is responsible for the football side of the programme. Alongside this role, Tom coaches in the Academy and is in charge of the boy’s development centres. Prior to coaching at Peterborough United, Tom graduated from University with a first-class honours degree and spent time coaching in America.

Callum Avent
Callum Avent
Callum Avent has been coaching for nearly 5 years with our Futsal/Sport Scholarship. Callum completed the two-year scholarship and achieved an apprenticeship from our Community scheme and coaches on the scholarship Full time. Callum recently passed his UEFA B Futsal qualification and also helps in the community. 

Megan Stickland

Megan Stickland has been working full time in the Women and Girls Department for 2 and a half years with 8 years of coaching experience. She started as an NCS/Women and Girls Assistant and now co-ordinates the girl’s development/elite centres and NCS Programmes. She is currently near the end of completing her UEFA B Licence in Football and is the Safeguarding Officer for the Foundation.

Clare Gallagher
Clare Gallagher is one of our newest additions to the woman and girls’ team and joined us just over a month ago. She has 10 years of coaching experience and has coached in the USA and Mexico. Her role is multi-faceted and as well as being the NCS/Women and Girls Assistant, she also co-ordinates the girl’s development/elite centres and NCS Programmes.

Mitchell Smith
Mitchell Smith joined us in the summer on an apprenticeship, and regularly coaches on our development centres. Mitchell currently works with the community in delivering PE and after school sessions in many schools.

Ryan Hewett
Currently in his first year of fulltime coaching, Ryan Hewett coaches within the boys and girl’s scholarship programmes. Ryan started as a volunteering coach whilst playing and has since begun studying his FA Level 2. A coach for the community scheme, he also coaches within the development/elite centres.

Isaac Tozer
Isaac is our Business Admin Apprentice, who previously worked as a Business Admin Apprentice at the Peterborough & District Football League for a year and a half. Isaac helps manage the social media accounts for the Foundation, Futsal, Scholarship and Ladies as well as helping the Foundation coaches with any extra work they need doing and promoting all the good work the Foundation do.