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Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

ICT is used across the Club in many and varied ways. Its use will continue to grow and change with new developments in this area. It is used to communicate with supporters, customers, players and the media. The Club will:

  • Develop and maintain clear policies on internet, email and social media usage.
  • Raise awareness amongst young players regarding safer internet/social media use in respect of their position (and additional vulnerabilities) as future professional footballers.
  • Have a zero-tolerance approach to ‘cyber-bullying’; and
  • Respond quickly and appropriately to inappropriate use of the internet and social media by players and members of the workforce.

    The purpose of the Internet and E-mail policy is to provide a framework to ensure that there is continuity of procedures in the usage of internet and e-mail within the Company. The internet and e-mail system have established themselves as an important communications facility within the Company and have provided us with contact with professional and academic sources throughout the world. Therefore, to ensure that we are able to utilise the system to its optimum we have devised a policy that provides maximum use of the facility whilst ensuring compliance with the legislation throughout.

    Where appropriate, duly authorised staff are encouraged to make use of the Internet as part of their official and professional activities. Attention must be paid to ensuring that published information has relevance to normal professional activities before material is released in the Company name. Where personal views are expressed a disclaimer stating that this is the case should be clearly added to all correspondence. The intellectual property right and copyright must not be compromised when publishing on the Internet. The availability and variety of information on the Internet has meant that it can be used to obtain material reasonably considered to be offensive. The use of the Internet to access and/or distribute any kind of offensive material, or material that is not work-related, leaves an individual liable to disciplinary action which could lead to dismissal.

    Procedures – Acceptable/Unacceptable Use
  • Unauthorised or inappropriate use of the internet system may result in disciplinary action which could result in summary dismissal.
  • The internet system is available for legitimate business use and matters concerned directly with the job being done. Employees using the internet system should give particular attention to th following points:
    i) comply with all of our internet standards;
    ii) access during working hours should be for business use only;
    iii) private use of the internet should be used outside of your normal working hours.
    c) the Company will not tolerate the use of the Internet system for unofficial or inappropriate purposes, including:
    i) accessing websites which put our internet at risk of (including but not limited to) viruses, compromising our copyright or intellectual property rights;
    ii) non-compliance of our social networking policy;
    iii) connecting, posting or downloading any information unrelated to their employment and in particular pornographic or other offensive material;
    iv) engaging in computer hacking and other related activities, or attempting to disable or compromise security of information contained on the Company's computers.
    You are reminded that such activities (iii. and iv.) may constitute a criminal offence.

    The use of the e-mail system is encouraged as its appropriate use facilitates efficiency. Used correctly it is a facility that is of assistance to employees. Inappropriate use however causes many problems including distractions, time wasting and legal claims. The procedure sets out the Company's position on the correct use of the e-mail system.

    Procedures - Authorised Use
  • unauthorised or inappropriate use of the e-mail system may result in disciplinary action which could include summary dismissal.
  • the e-mail system is available for communication and matters directly concerned with the legitimate business of the Company. Employees using the e-mail system should give particular attention to the following points:
    i) all comply with Company communication standards;
    ii) e-mail messages and copies should only be sent to those for whom they are particularly relevant;
    iii) e-mail should not be used as a substitute for face-to-face communication or telephone contact. Abusive e-mails must not be sent. Hasty messages sent without proper consideration can cause upset, concern or misunderstanding;
    iv) if the e-mail is confidential the user must ensure that the necessary steps are taken to protect confidentiality. The Company will be liable for infringing copyright or any defamatory information that is circulated either within the Company or to external users of the system; and
    v) offers or contracts transmitted by e-mail are as legally binding on the Company as those sent on paper.

    The Company will not tolerate the use of the e-mail system for unofficial or inappropriate purposes, including:
    i) any messages that could constitute bullying, harassment or other detriment;
    ii) personal use (e.g. social invitations, personal messages, jokes, cartoons, chain letters or other private matters);
    iii) on-line gambling;
    iv) accessing or transmitting pornography;
    v) transmitting copyright information and/or any software available to the user; or
    vi) posting confidential information about other employees, the Company or its clients or suppliers.

    We reserve the right to monitor all e-mail/internet activity by you for the purposes of ensuring compliance with our policies and procedures and of ensuring compliance with the relevant regulatory requirements. This includes monitoring of any additional accounts you may be requested to set up for the purposes of performing your work tasks, which are subject to the same rules as your work email account.

    Information acquired through such monitoring may be used as evidence in disciplinary proceedings.

    Any work related issue or material that could identify an individual who is a client or work colleague, which could adversely affect the Company, a client or our relationship with any client must not be placed on a social networking site. This means that work related matters must not be placed on any such site at any time either during or outside of working hours and includes access via any computer equipment or mobile device.

    Any work content or material, or contacts or connections list, created by you during the course of your employment, on any of your authorised social networking sites (ownership of which vests in the Company) shall remain, at all times, the property of the Company. Accordingly, upon termination of your employment, you shall hand over to the Company, the access rights to your accounts, together with any work content or material, and any contacts or connections list.

    Please also read the and understand the Information Security Policy