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Safeguarding Policy

Peterborough United Football Club Limited, and Peterborough United Foundation, together acknowledges the duty of care to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults.

Peterborough United Football Club has both a moral and legal obligation to ensure a duty of care for children, young people and vulnerable adults throughout the football club. As a club we are committed to ensuring that all children and vulnerable adults are protected and kept safe from harm whilst engaged in any services organised and provided by the club. The football club is committed to ensuring safeguarding practice reflects statutory responsibilities, government guidance and complies with best practice and local authority requirements.

Download the Peterborough United Safeguarding Policy below.

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Club Safeguarding Policy Amendment- COVID-19

Club statement:

The way in which our football Club is currently operating in response to coronavirus (COVID-19) is fundamentally different to business as usual, however, a number of our important safeguarding principles remain the same:

* with regard to safeguarding, the best interests of children will always continue to come first
* if anyone has a safeguarding concern about any child connected to the Club they should continue to act and act immediately
* a Designated Safeguarding Officer or Deputy will always be available
* unsuitable people are not allowed to enter the Club workforce and/or gain access to children
* children continue to be protected when they are online

Club Safeguarding Contacts:

During the Covid-19 lockdown period the Safeguarding contacts for the Club are as follows:

Liz Elsom
Club Welfare Officer

07932 772616

Matthew Dye
Academy Safeguarding Officer
077551 007928

Remember that in an emergency or where there is risk to life you should contact the police immediately.

Other Safeguarding contacts in football:

Whilst any safeguarding concern should be raised with the Club Safeguarding contacts in the first instance we recognise that this may not always be possible or appropriate. Below are the contact details for footballing partners with whom safeguarding concerns in relation to the Club can be discussed:

The English Football League Safeguarding Team
Tel: 01772 325940

If they concern regards a person in employed in footballs conduct towards a child:
The FA Safeguarding Team
Tel: 0800 169 1863

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Social Media Guidance

Guidance for Children, Young people, or Adults at risk
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Guidance For Parents
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Guidance For Staff
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